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Original Designs

Stacy is a juried artist member of Best of Missouri Hands juried. (BOMH)


 She does all of the artwork and designs our kits.  She uses alpaca, that we've raised on our farm, and other fun fibers too.


Check our calendar of events to see her work at an upcoming show.


Visit our Gallery to see her original pieces.   Look for her logo to be sure it's an original.

Fiber Services

We can help you with your alpaca fiber.


Services available:

  • Judging Spinoff Competitions

  • Judging Fiber art Competitions

  • Fleece Prep for Shows

  • Sorting Services


Workshops & Events

Sharing our love of fiber, animals and fiber art is an intregal part of our educational program.  We offer fiber art workshops in spinning, felting and weaving at fiber festivals and events around the country.


 Check out her class schedule.


Want to host your own fiber art workshop?  We do that.  Visit our classes for class descriptions.


Stacy also goes to schools through the BOMH Visiting Artists' Program.




You're sure to find just what you're looking for in our fiber art studio. 


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Welcome to Fun Fibers


 We are dedicated to educating people how animals, specifically alpacas, are raised for their fiber - how fiber is used to create many products from yarn to felt; garments, home decor and even art.  We've created our website to be educational adding fun and interesting facts about the subjects in our kits.  We've created kits to be fun for all ages levels - even adults!


Scroll down to learn more about how are kits are made.


We've recently added our art gallery.  It's where you'll find Stacy's original artwork.  Every piece is one-of-a-kind even if it is part of a series. We sell her prototypes and class samples.  Stacy also does commission work.


Now our studio is offering fiber art tools and supplies.  Stacy is an Ashford dealer and can provide you with high quality, reasonable priced looms and spinning wheels as well as felting supplies.


Education is an important part of our mission.  Check our calendar for our class schedule.  You can also invite her to talk to your school or your event.  



About the fiber in our kits & Art

We have chosen to use alpaca fiber in our studio, kits, art and finished products because alpaca fiber is one of the softest fibers in the world.  It's so soothing to the touch and a delight to hold.  Years of experimentation and education have taught us how to prepare our fleeces for the possible result.  Our alpaca fiber is kind to your skin; it doesn't itch. Most people who are allergic to wool are able to work with alpaca fiber.  We just kow you will enjoy working with it.


Although we have closed our farm and found new loving homes for our alpacas, they have provided us with a lifetime supply of soft fiber.  And, Stacy is still involved in the alpaca world - she has friends that have alpaca fiber too.


Learn more about how our kits are made.

Sneek Peek:  Kits for all ages and skill levels

Making felted fabric is fun for all ages


Making felted fabric is an art medium suitable for young children.  (Older kids and adults love this medium too!)  Layering fiber and adding a splash of dyed fiber creates an impressionistic fabric. Place fiber in a zip bag, add a drop of soap and some warm water and massage the bag until the loose fibers turn into a solid fabric. 


Another fun activity to do with young children is to dye fiber.  Koolaid works great as a dye.  Just add a tablespoon of vinegar (just like dyeing Easter eggs) to the pot and add the fiber.  Do not boil and do not stir unless you want your fiber to felt.  You can also dye fiber in the microwave.  Test every minute or so.  Remove the fiber when the water cools.  Rinse in cool water until the water is clear.


Unlimited possibilities!

"Coloring with fiber is so much fun. You have to try it!"



Our Cookie Cutter - Color with Fiber Adornament kits have cookie cutters that you'll use as a template.  This makes creating the shpaes fun and easy.


When you color with fiber, the fiber is your "paint" and the felting needle is your "brush".  You can get as detailed and creative as you want.  You are decorating your adorable ornament using your unique creativity.


Ornaments are only one category of needle felting projects.  We have kits to create pictures and figurines too

Needle sculpting figurines is very rewarding



Needle scultping figurines is an art meduim incorporating spacial and coloring techniques.  First you sculpt the sculpting fibers into the shape using a felting needle.  Then add the color and fine details with the alpaca fiber.  It's just like coloring / painting; your "paint" or "crayon" is the fiber and your "brush" is the felting needle.


Our needle sculpting kits offer true to life and whimsical figurines.  You can decide how your felted friend figurine will look. 



Happy Crafting!

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