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Owning a herd of alpacas provided me with an endless supply of soft fiber in an array of natural colors which I hand dye for specific color pallets.  After selling my herd I allow the art, rather than the animal, to tell my story.


Compelled to move beyond the traditional fiber arts of spinning, weaving and functional felting, I began creating figurines, artistic bowls and felted pictures.  



I use batts, roving and small tuffs of the alpaca's fiber to create my felted art.  The felting process is either wet felting (using soap and hot water) or needle felting (using a barbed felting needle), but rarely a compination of both methods.



The inspiration for the felted figurines comes from my love of nature, history and storytelling.  The true-to-life figurines are inspired by animals or birds, many of which are found on the farm.   The storytelling figurines go beyond their conventional shape to convey a message about a region or culture through elevated features across the body of work.


My mixed media Art Dolls and Art Angels feature alpaca fiber as the hair.  I use a variety of materials to create their clothing including fabric, paper and hand felted embellishments.  Each Art Doll has a story to tell and is thus adorned with findings from my vintage button box, new found charms or items I’ve found on walks around the farm.

I love the look of Southwestern pottery and shape my felted bowls and pots to reflect this historic art form.  From the colors I use to embellishing the pots, most of my felted pots ahve a Southwestern appearance.


This type of felting uses a resist.  i use vinyl.  Fibers are laid around the resits and are then wet felted.  When the vessel is semi-stable, I cut a hole, remove the vinyl and continue to felt and shape the vessel using directional felting techniques.



Similar to watercolor and ink, my pictures are first created by wet felting the fibers into the general design, then free hand machined-stitched to create the fine or whimsical details.   Inspired by current events like hurricanes Harvey and Irma, scenes from the farm, travel, the current season or the holidays, my felted art pictures come straight from my heart.

I love nature.  It provides me with the serenity I cannot find anywhere else.  Wildlife, wildflowers, the wind and the sun, the soil and water have thrived for centuries.   I am humbled by the greatness of our universe and these organic gifts that God has provided for us.   It makes me feel small in comparison, yet I too have a purpose.  



I feel my purpose is to introduce and share with others a connection to nature, to farming and to the country so they may find peace, however fleeting it may be. 



Alpaca fiber comes from an animal that lives on a farm and is cared for by humans.  Their fiber is harvested by an annual shearing.  It is natural, organic and sustainable.  


Manufactures and designers use it to make clothing.  I use it to make art.  It is sort and a true pleasure to work with.  When you touch my art, you are connecting with an animal that lived on my farm, ate grass in our pasture and drank water from our well as it grew its fiber.  And that, I believe, is a wonderful way to connect you with animals that provide fleece for my felitng and a peaceful way of life.


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