Needle Sculpting Workshops

Needle Sculpting is the art of sculpting figurines with a felting needle and fibers.  The basis of these workshops are to teach how work with positive and negative spaces.  For instance, recessing the eye area allows the beak to stand out.


It's similar to working with clay.  While we will add some additional pieces occassionally, it is a different concept than creating pieces separately and adding them together.


Sculpt and Owl Workshop

Sculpting an owl is a fun way to learn the basic sculpting technique.  There are many different owls to choose from and all are suitable for a workshop.


This workshop only takes 2.5 hours, so you can easily offer it in conjuction with another sculpting class.


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Up Coming Events:

Stacy will be teaching 2 felting workshops at the HGA Convergence in July in Reno. Spots are limited.  Sign up NOW   

It's in the Bag! A Felted Purse Workshop - Sunday - 1 Day Workshop




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