Wet Felting Workshops

Wet Felting is also known as "Traditional" felting.  It uses soap, water and elbow action to bond the fibers together to create a non-woven piece.  


Wet felting is used to create felted fabric that can be cut without the worry of unraveling.  Pictures and wall hangings can also be created using the wet felting process.



A resist can be used to create 3-D pieces like bowls, purses and hats.  See below for more details.  


Felted Scarf

Felted Scarf Workshop


Create a soft (and warm) felted scarf.  Learn how to work with fiber and yarn to design a one-of-a-kind scarf.  100% fiber, no silk backing.


Can also be used as a table runner or as a fabric to be cut and used in smaller projects.  Too much fun!



Make it abstract, add fine details or even create a scene - unlimited possibilities.  Here are a couple of examples...

Felting with a Resist

Felting with a Resist


A resist is simply a form that the fibers wrap around.  After the initial felting is complete, the felt is cut and the resist is removed.  That's when the shaping of the 3-D object takes place.  And just like magic, your project is complete!




This method can be used to create bowls, pots, vases, hats, purses, fingerless gloves and more!


Up Coming Events:

Stacy will be teaching 2 felting workshops at the HGA Convergence in July in Reno. Spots are limited.  Sign up NOW   

It's in the Bag! A Felted Purse Workshop - Sunday - 1 Day Workshop




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