Rigid Heddle Weaving Workshops

Many of my current weaving workshops have been designed by the host as a specific request.  If there is something you would like to learn, or a project you would like to create, just let me know.  I will work with you to design the workshop you want to provide for your guests.


Beginning Weaving Workshops

Weave a 6' Scarf Workshop


In this workshop you'll learn how weave a PLAIN WEA VE Scarf.  Let the yarn do the design work - all you have to do is weave.  Choose from hand-dyed or a heathered yarn.




Baubles & Bows Sampler Weaving Workshop


What a FUN workshop!  With 5 different weaving techniques, you're sure to find one you love.  You'll learn Rya knots, Insets, Floats, Looped Pile and Plain weave.  Use your finished project as a wall hanging or attach it to the back of a jacket, vest or tote bag.



Sampler Drawstring Bag Workshop


This workshop offers Plain Weave, Clasped Weave, Floats, Looped Pile and more.  Some very simple sewing involved.  When finished, you'll have an adorable bag with a drawstring closure.





Rya Knot Pillow Workshop


What a tactile workshop!  You'll be working with individual alpaca staples/locks as you use Rya Knots to tie them onto the warp. Then we'll attach it to the coordinating backing fabric and stuff.  




16" Rug Workshop



Using rug yarn, weave a 16 x 24" rug in Plain weave. 







Advanced Beginner Workshops

Basketweave / Log Cabin Workshop


Weave a scarf as you learn the Basketweave a.k.a. Log Cabin weave structure.  I turned my "scarf" into a bag, but once you create the scarf / fabric, you can create anything!


Advanced Beginner

Design & Weave a Scarf Workshop


In this workshop you'll learn how to design a pattern for a scarf, warp the loom and weave your pattern.  You'll learn about sett, yardage and the formula behind the design.


Try color blocks or design a plaid.

Advanced Beginner


Up Coming Events:

Stacy will be teaching 2 felting workshops at the HGA Convergence in July in Reno. Spots are limited.  Sign up NOW   

It's in the Bag! A Felted Purse Workshop - Sunday - 1 Day Workshop




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