Tropical Collection

Welcome to the Tropical Collection where you'll immediately be transported to places with Palm Trees gently blowing along sandy beaches and the sound of the gentle surf as it washes up onto the shore.  Can't you just smell the salty air?  Feel the sand between your toes?  


In our Tropical Collection you're sure to find a fun adorable ornament kit (we call these adornaments) to remind you of or transport you to your favorite tropical get-a-way.    Pssst, you might just need a 5 pack or 12 pack Adornament kit to get your there.


Happy Crafting!

Cookie Cutter Art Kits

The Cookie Cutter Kits are so much fun to make.  Use the cookie cutter as a template.  It keeps the felting needles away from your fingers and the fibers contained.  Then add the details with the felting needle.  Color it simple, use our designs as a guide or get creative and design your own.  


All kits include:

  • Cookie cutter
  • Alpaca fiber
  • Felting needle
  • Foam felting pad
  • Felted fabric for backing
  • Instructions



Angel Fish Adornament Kit

Did you know that there are about 80 species of angel fish?  They live in warm, shallow saltwater.  They prefer to live around coral reefs which provides the algae - their favorite food.  They are very colorful.


When shopping along the beach front shops, you might just see some very unusually colored or patterned fish.  I think those are my favorite!


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Alligator - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit

Did you know that an alligator has about 80 teeth?  If one gets damaged or falls out, they can grow a new one!  That's a lot of flossing!



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Dolphin Adornament Kit

Did you know that the largest DOLPHIN is the Orca or Killer Whale?  The Bottlenose Dolphin can live to be 40 years old.  The Bottlenose Dolphin lives in every ocean in the world except in the cold water of the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans.  



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What southern beach would be complete without a FLAMINGO?  They have webbed feet and stand about 5' tall.  They enjoy wading in salt water. They actually live in the Caribbean, Central & South America.  But they are a popular symbol of the shoreline along the Gulf of Mexico.


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Lobster Adornament Kit

What's a trip to the beach without at least one lobster dinner?  

Did you know that you won't see a pink lobster on the beach, unless you have a very bad sunburn and turn lobster red.  Lobsters don't turn red until they are cooked. In the wild, they can be green, yellow or blue.  


Lobsters are excellent swimmers.  They can swim forward (of course), and backwards too.  And they can be right or left clawed.  Some grow their crushing claw on their left side, while others grow it on their right.  Who knew?


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Ocean Life - Cookie Cutter Art Kit

 What a FUN COMBO kit.  Make 5 cool Ocean Adornaments!  Make a dolphin, sea turtle, seahorse, shark and a cute whale.  


When we package our kits together in a value pack, it saves us time which saves you money!


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Palm Tree Adornament Kit

Did you know that there are about 3,000 species of Palm Trees and that they are considered Evergreens?  Their leaves are called fronds and they do not lose them in any certain season.  Not all Palm Trees create coconuts.  But the species that do, produce that furry fruit until the tree is 80 years old.


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Seahorse Adornament Kit

Did you know that SEAHORSES are actually fish and are related to the Cod and Tuna fish.  They live in saltwater and must be protected by seaweed or a coral reef.  They can beat their fins up to 50 times per second, but are very slow swimmers.


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Sea Turtle Adornament Kit

Did you know that there are 7 breeds of sea turtles?  They live everywhere in the oceans except where it's too cold like around the north and south poles.  But they do use the magnetic force from the poles as their personal compass.  They can travel thousands of miles a year and still return to their same nesting spot to lay their eggs.


Six of the seven breeds of sea turtles are on the endangered list.  They can live to be 80 years old.  Let's help keep them safe.

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Cute Whale Cookie Cutter Kit

Did you know that the Blue whale is the largest to ever live on our planet?   It's even bigger than a dinosaur!  In fact, just its tongue weighs more than an elephant?


Some whales actually belong in the dolphin family like the Orca.


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Other Cookie Cutter Kits not shown

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