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Cookie Cutter Art Kits

The Cookie Cutter Kits are so much fun to make.  Use the cookie cutter as a template.  It keeps the felting needles away from your fingers and the fibers contained.  Then add the details with the felting needle.  Color it simple, use our designs as a guide or get creative and design your own.  


All kits include:

  • Cookie cutter
  • Alpaca fiber
  • Felting needle
  • Foam felting pad
  • Felted fabric for backing
  • Instructions



Party Packs

Our Cookie Cutter Art Party Packs are perfect for parties and group activities.  Makes 3 of each design.


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Football Party Kits


Celebrate your favorite team with our Football Party Packs.  Available in 6 or 12 packs.  Makes 3 of each design


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View Party Pack for 6



Halloween Party Packs

Create fun Halloween decorations, treats and spooky ornaments with our Halloween Party Pack.  You'll have a ghouly good time for a party of 12 or 6.


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View Kit for 6


Thanksgiving Party Packs


Celebrate Thanksgiving with friends with these Party Packs.  Decorate your table, wreaths or create wallhangings.


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View Party Packs for 12


Individual Kits

Squirrel - A Cookie Cutter Art Kit

Squirrels are busy in the Fall filling their "pantry" with acorns, walnuts and other nuts.  Did you know that squirrels can find their "stash" under a foot of snow?  They dig a tunnel to get to their (or another squirrel's) nut stash by following the scent of the nuts.  But sometimes they forget where their burried their nuts.  That's how new nut trees get started in strange places!  


Did you know that National Squirrel Appreciation Day is January 21?


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BIG Turkey - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit

Did you know that there are 5 species of the Wild Turkey?  The most popular is the Eastern Wild Turkey who lives in 38 states east of the Mississippi.  Turkeys don't have feathers on their head and their skin looks leathery.  Wild turkey feathers look brown at a distance.  But did you know their feathers aurare actually iridescent colors of bronze, green red and copper?


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Apple Tree - A Cookie Cutter Art Kit

Do you love apples?  It's not a surprise that most people love apples making them in the top 3 (if not the  #1) fruit.  Did you know that many of the health benefits of the apple are found in the peel?  


There are over 2500 varieties of apples grown in the U.S.  Depending on the variety, it takes 100 - 200 days until an apple is ready to harvest.  Did you know that apple trees can live to be 100 years?


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Mini Acorn - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit

Use this mini Acorn to create a Fall garland, add to a wreath or as an embellishment.  Combine with the Oak Leaf for a unique decoration.


Makes 3



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Acorn - Cookie Cutter with a handle Kit

This 5" Acorn cookie cutter has a handle to keep fingers away from the felting needle.  It also comes with a yummy cookie and frosting recipe.  Makes 2 acorns.  


GIFT idea:  make acorn cookies, tie the cookie cutter with card on the cookie gift bag and 1 of the felted acorns to make a yummy homemade gift.


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Candy Corn - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit

Did you know that these popular candy treats are actually fat free?  They are sweet, are made with sugar & corn syrup, but contain no fat.  Today is is brightly colored, but originally is was made to look like real corn kernels and was called Chicken Scratch.


So if candy CORN  looks like CORN and is made with CORN syrup, does that make it a vegetable?  Well, no, but I just bet you'll enjoy some during this Fall season.


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Crow - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit

Did you know that crows are omnivores?  That means they will eat just about anything from seeds & grains to small animals - even garbage and "road kill'.   Many believe that these large birds damage crops.  And while they often do, they also eat the pests that damage crops.  Maybe there should be a scarecrow for pesky bugs too.  Do you wonder what that would look like?  Perhaps it would look like a crow!



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Pumpkin - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit

The average pumpkin is about 12 pounds.  But did you know that the largest pumpkin ever grown weighed in at a whopping 1,810 pounds.  That was in 2012.  Many people try to grow the largest pumpkin, but one farmer grew the world's smallest pumpkin that was only .23" in diameter in North Carolina.  Now that's small.


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Oak Leaf Cookie Cutter Kit


Nothing says Fall like turning leaves.  Create 2 Oak leaves wtih this kit.  Add to a Fall wreath, glue a magnet to the back and decorage your table with metal napkin rings. 




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Maple Leaf - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit

The leaf of the maple tree is very distinctive.  It is divided into three sections and has nine lobes.  In the fall, the leaves turn vibrant colors of reds, yellows and oranges and green.  


You probably know that maple syrup comes from the maple tree.  But did you know that it doesn't hurt the tree to extract the syrup?  The tree needs to be 30 years old before it can be tapped.  But in Maple Tree years, that's not very old.  Maple trees can live to be 300 years old!


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Sunflower Cookie Cutter Kit

Sunflowers - the flowers of Fall.  Create your own sunny blooms to bring a little sunshine into your home.  Glue a magnet to the back and decorate metal napkin rings for a unique table setting.  Or use as an embellishment to decorate a jacket.


Makes 2



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Gobble Gobble Gobble!  Fall is turkey time.  Create this colorful turkey for this special season. Glue a magnet on the back he'll decorate your metal napkin rings - what a festive and creative idea!   This cookie cutter has a handle, adorable card and a recipe for cookies and yummy frosting!  


$18.95  Makes 2


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Visit our Halloween Collection for all things Halloweeny. 

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