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Cookie Cutter Art Kits

The Cookie Cutter Kits are so much fun to make.  Use the cookie cutter as a template.  It keeps the felting needles away from your fingers and the fibers contained.  Then add the details with the felting needle.  Color it simple, use our designs as a guide or get creative and design your own.  


All kits include:

  • Cookie cutter
  • Alpaca fiber
  • Felting needle
  • Foam felting pad
  • Felted fabric for backing
  • Instructions
Acorn with a handle Adornament Kit

While hiking in the North Woods, you may find an acorn along the trail. The acorn is the seed of the Oak tree and food for many animals such as deer and squirrels.  The acorn tops can be used in arts and craft projects.


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Acorn, mini Adornament Kit

Did you know there are over 50 different species of oak trees?  And all oak treees produce acorns.  Acorns are different sizes and different shapes.  See how many different acorns you can find when you're outside.


Makes 3


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Coyote - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit

While camping in the North Woods you're sure to hear a few coyotes howling and yipping during the night.  While coyotes live in groups called packs, just a couple of howling and yipping coyotes can sound like large pack.


Makes 2



Mountain Bear with Handle - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit

Did you know that it was once encourage for campers to feed the bears from their campsite?  Today park rangers discourage campers from keeping food within reach of bears.  Never approach a bear - turn around and give the bear its space in the woods.


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Big Moose - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit

A young moose (calf) can gain 2 pounds a day while nursing.  A full grown moose needs to consume 9770 calories a day which is over 70 pounds of twigs, grass and aquatic vegetation.


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Cabin Adornament Kit

Ahhh, the cabin.  Your home sweet home away from home.


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Cute Bird Adornament Kit

You're sure to see many different species of birds while spending time outdoors.    Some birds live around the lakes and streams while others live in the woods or in grassy areas.  Enjoy their unique songs as you hike, fish or camp.



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Cute Owl Adornament Kit

You're sure to hear an owl hooting at night.  You can design your own owl with this fun art kit.  You'll have a Hoot!


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Dragonfly Adornament Kit

The Northwoods is known for having mosquitoes large enough to carry you away.  Be sure to wear insect repellent.  Did you know that dragonflies eat mosquitoes?  That's a really important job in the Northwoods.


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Fox Adornament Kit


Perhaps you will see a fox when camping or hiking in the Northwoods.  They hunt at night, but it's not unusual to see them during the day.


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Maple Leaf Adornament Kit

The Northeast lights up with the bright colors of fall.


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Mini Moose Adornament Kit

Moose live in the grassy areas of the North Woods.  They also live near wetlands. A baby moose is called a calf.  If you see a mother moose (cow) with her calf, do not go near them.  Mom's are very protective of their babies which can weigh 30 pounds at birth.  Did you know that when calves are about a week old, they can already outrun a human?


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Moose Head Adornament Kit

Moose antlers can weigh 50-60 pounds.  WOW, that's a lot of weight to carry on top of your head.  They fall off in the fall and grow back in the spring - sometimes even larger than the year before!


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Snow Covered Tree Adornament Kit

Evergreen trees are found throughout the Northwoods.  They provide shade and shelter for lots of wildlife.  I love the way they smell - especially after a rain.


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Brown Trout Adornament Kit



Trout fishing is very popular in the cool streams and lakes of the North Woods.  



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Rainbow Trout Adornament Kit
Trout with Recipe Card Adornament Kit

Custom Cookie Cutter Kits

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