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Summer - the time when days are long, hot and full of adventure (or relaxation.)  Its the time for vacations, Vacation Bible School, summer camp and camping trips.  Fishing, swimming, visiting a farm, horseback riding.  A time to relax and play in your own back yard with your pets or watching the birds. 


Celebrate your summer by recreating memories as you needle felt adorable ornaments.  We call these Adornaments.  You will too.


AND if you did take a vacation, visit our Regional Collections to see more adornaments featuring the regionals sights.


Happy Summer Crafting!


Cookie Cutter Art Kits

The Cookie Cutter Kits are so much fun to make.  Use the cookie cutter as a template.  It keeps the felting needles away from your fingers and the fibers contained.  Then add the details with the felting needle.  Color it simple, use our designs as a guide or get creative and design your own.  


All kits include:

  • Cookie cutter
  • Alpaca fiber
  • Felting needle
  • Foam felting pad
  • Felted fabric for backing
  • Instructions
Angel Fish Adornament Kit

Did you know that there are 2 types of Angelfish?  They can be found in saltwater or in freshwater.  They can also be found in aquariams.  They live to be about 15 years old.  And talk about being smart - they can recognize their owners.


Did you visit an Aquarium or Scuba in the Tropics?


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Barn Adornament Kit

If you went on a trailride this summer, you probably were in a stable built just for horses.  These barns are called stables.


There are many other types of barns.  Some are for barnyard animals and some are for hay or equipment.  If you visited a farm this summer, then you might like to visit our Farm Collection too to see all types of farm animal and cowboy kits


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Brown Trout Adornament Kit

One fun summer pasttime is to fish.  Did you kow that people have been fly fishing for 1,000s of years?  


Anglers love to tie their own flies to attract the fish to their hook.  Sometimes people use alpaca fiber to make their flies.


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Buffalo Adornament Kit

Did you know that there are 58 National Parks in the United States?  But only 27 states have National Parks.  California has the most with nine. The largest park is in Alaska - it's over 13 million acres. Yellowstone became a park in 1872 - that's before some states became a state!  Wildlife are protected in National Parks.  If you visit a National Park, you just might see a bear or a buffalo.


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Cowboy Boot Adornament Kit

Rodeos are a Summertime activity for both the cowboy, cowgirl and of course the spectators.  Did you know that rodeos are the games cowboys and cowgirls play?  The events are based on jobs the cowboys had when on a cattle drive from roping a steer to riding a wiild horse.  Some events are to show off their talent and skills like bull riding and barrel racing.


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Cowboy Hat Adornament Kit

Cowboy hats are designed to project those that work outside all day from the hot summer sun.  The wide brim covers the back of their neck, ears and face.  Cowboy hats fit tightly on the head so it won't blow off, but you'll see a lot of cowboy hats fly off during rodeo events!


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Cute Bird

Feeding and watching birds in your own backyard is a fun summer activity.  Attract birds to you backyard by giving them what they need, food, water and shelter.  Did you know that you can attract lots of different birds with a mixed bird seed in a simple feeder?  For even more birds, hang a suet feeder.  Put out a simple pan for water and enjoy the show.  Birdwatching is fun for everyone.  With this fun kit, you can create the birds you see in your own backyard.


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Dachshund Adornament Kit

Dachshunds are one long, hot dog in the summertime.  All pets need access to shade and water when the weather is hot.


NEVER leave a dog in a car in the summer.  Even with the windows down, they can have a heat stroke and die within minutes.  Keep your dogs safe and happy.  They are, afterall, an important part of your family.


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Dragonfly Adornament Kit


Did you know that dragonflies eat mosquitoes?  Some dragonflies eat only 30 while others can eat 100s per day!  They catch their food with their feet. I'd say that dragonflies are the perfect summertime insect!


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Flamingo Adornament Kit

Did you know that the word "flamingo" comes from the Spanish word "flamenco" which came from the earlier Latin word "flamma" meaning flame or fire?  They turn their firery color by eating carotenoids (the pigment that also makes carrots orange) in their diet of plankton, brine shrimp and blue-green algae.


They are called wading birds and can be found standing in tidal pools.  That's the perfect summer pastime for all of us.


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Holy Cross Adornament Kit

Summer time is the time for Vacation Bible School.  If you went to VBS this summer, then you love this Holy Cross Adornament kit.  This cookie cutter is large enough to add fun details.  (We recommend purchasing a FINE TIP Felting Needle if you want to create very fine details).


Visit our Faith Hope & Love Collection for more faithful inspirational kits.


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Horse Adornament with Suri fiber for the tail & mane

Summertime means vacations and  trying new outdoor activities.  Did you know that you can ride a horse on a trail made just for horses?  It's a great way to see cool things and experience National and State Parks.  Many parks and businesses in tourist areas have stables and offer trailrides. Horses used in trailrides are trained to follow each other, so no riding experience is necessary for the beginner trails.  


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Palm Tree Adornament Kit

Did you know that a coconut is not a nut at all?  That's right, it's in the same family as peaches, plums and cherries.  The Coconut Palm Tree can grow up to 98' and the leaves, called fronds, can be up to 19" long.  That's a lot of shade for a hot day at the beach.  But don't sit directly under this tree - a coconut can weigh about 3 pounds. 


This tree can produce about 1,000 coconuts in its 70 year lifetime.

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Rainbow Trout Adornament Kit

If you go to a lake or stream that is spring fed, the water will be very cold.  Trout prefer to eat when the water temp is between 45 and 65 degrees.  


This Rainbow Trout originally was only found in mountain streams west of the Rocky Mountains.  Today you can find them in many cold water lakes and streams around the world.


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Star Adornament Kit

Star light, star bright - can you count tonight?  Probably not.  Although you can see stars that are 19 quadrillion, thats 19,000,000,000,000,000, miles away, scientists say you can see approximately 2,000 stars on a very dark, clear night.


That's a lot of stars!  But there are more stars than that in our universe. No one knows how many for certain.  How many do you think there are?


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Sunflower Adornament Kit

The sunflower looks like the hot summer sun with it's sunny, long petals that surround the center ball.  But did you know the center of the sunflower is actually tiny flowers that are clustered in a spiral pattern?  That's how we often draw the sun - a series of spirals coming out of the center and spiraling out to the edge.  The sunflower's spirals interconnect and grow in 2 directions, 34 in one direction and 55 in the opposite direction and are consecutive Fibonacci numbers.



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Teepee Adornament Kit

Summer is when kids go to Summer Camps.  It's where you'll learn all kids of camping skills and arts and crafts.  Some camps specialize in teaching traditional crafts like weaving, beading, painting and even fiber art!  Celebrate your time in summer camp by creating a teepee.  How will you decorate yours?


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Tractor - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit

Summer is when the hay is harvested. First the hay is cut with a mower.  Next it is raked into rows. Then the baler scoops up the cut hay and feeds it into the baler.  Hay can be baled in huge round bales that can weigh about 1,000 pounds.   How do you think they move these large bales of hay around?  With a tractor, of course!  


Hay can also be baled into smaller square bales.  Square bales need to be put under cover to stay dry.  How do you think these are picked up and moved to the barn?  Usually they are picked up by hand and thrown onto a trailer or hay wagon.  It's a lot of work, but it feeds all types of farm animals - including our horses and alpacas!


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