What would you expect to find if you traveled West?  We think you'll see cowboy and maybe a teepee; buffalo and other prairie animals.  Go a little farther WEST and you'll see cactus and even geckos!  


Make adorable ornaments we call adornaments and celebrate the WEST all year long!  Each adornament can be purchased separately or in a collection of 5 or 12.


Love the Southwest?  We have a collection for that too.

Learn to Felt Kits

Brown Eyed Susan Learn to Felt Pincushion

The Brown-Eyed Susan is found throughout the prairie.  It has many herbal medicinal properties and was often used as a poulitice for snake bites and as a tea to treat colds and wash wounds.  


It's a member of the Sunflower family and grows from 3' - 6'.


Makes 1 pincushion


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Color with Fiber Cookie Cutter Art Adornament Kits

The Cookie Cutter Kits are so much fun to make.  Use the cookie cutter as a template.  It keeps the felting needles away from your fingers and the fibers contained.  Then add the details with the felting needle.  Color it simple, use our designs as a guide or get creative and design your own.  


All kits include:

  • Cookie cutter
  • Alpaca fiber
  • Felting needle
  • Foam felting pad
  • Felted fabric for backing
  • Instructions



Our horse kit includes SURI fiber for the mane & tail.


The horse revolutionized the life of the Native Americans.  It was originally referred to as the "God Dog" or "Big Dog" and has remained an important symbol of the Native American culture.  



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Buffalo - Cookie Cutter Art Kit


The Buffalo (a.k.a. Bison) has come to symbolize  Native American culture. It was an important food source for those that lived on the Plains..  Every part of the buffalo was used from food to clothing - nothing went to waste.  The Buffalo represents many meanings and is found in stories and legends among those who lived on the Prairie.



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Coyote - Cookie Cutter Art Kit


If you're out on the prairie at night, you will hear the errie howl of the Coyote.  Coyotes (also known as Prairie Wolves) hunt at night.  They howl to talk to other coyotes in their pack and to protect their terriroty.  Their yipps and howls can be heard about 1 mile away (depending on weather and geographical conditions).  


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Horse Head - Cookie Cutter (with handle) Art Kit

Did you know thousands of years ago, all horses were wild and lived in grassy prairies worldwide?  In the 1500's the Spanish introduced horses to the Americas.  Some escaped and became wild again.  The Wild Horse was an intrigal part of American history.



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Sunflower Cookie Cutter Kit


Sunflowers have many different meanings in native American cultures.  The Sunflowers were grown as inmporant crop and used for food, dyes, oils for cooking, cosmetics and as herbal medicine.  It is the symbol of courage and often carried in different forms into battle or on hunting trips.  


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Teepee Cookie Cutter Kit

The Plains Indians made their homes with buffalo hides wrapped around large, sturdy pole sometimes 15' tall.  Teepee (also spelled tipi) were portable and comfortable homes that were warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  They were often decorated with symbols that represented the owner's acheivements.  How will you decorate your Teepee?  


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Colorful Turkey Cookie Cutter Art Kit

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the Wild Turkey our national symbol rather than the Bald Eagle?  He considered the turkey a regal bird (wild turkeys are very intelligent and wary vs. the barnyard, domesticaled turkey).  The Wild Turkey has always been an important part of Native American culture. It is a symbol of abundance and fertility and was often given as gifts.


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Cabin Adornament Kit

Did you know that the Swedish brought the their designs to build log cabins America in the late 1600's?  As settlers traveled west, log cabins were built as homesteads.  Cabins could be built in only a few days using an ax and auger. - no nails were needed. 


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Crow Adornament Kit

If you travel across the prairie you are sure to hear the "CAW, CAW"  of the crow.  Did you know that crows can be found throughout North America - even world wide?  


Crows get a bad rap for damaging crops.  They really eat the bugs that damage crops.  

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Cowboy Boot Adornament Kit


Cowboy boots project your feet, ankles and legs from the WILD things that live in the prairie and sandy lands of the WEST.  From snakes to throny bushes, it's always best to put your boots on.


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Cowboy Hat Adornament Kit

Cowboys and Cowgirls wear hats with a wide brim to protect their skin from the hot, hot sun of the West.  It also protects them from the torrential rain that are common in the prairie.  


There are certain Cowboy Hat etiquettes that should be followed when wearing your hat - if you are a cowboy.  Cowgirls can get away with almost anything!


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Cowboy Adornament Kit

Cowboys were an intregral part of the Old West.  Traditionally, they were young, single men who rode the range on horseback.  Did you know that it only took 8 - 10 cowboys to move 2,000 head of cattle on a cattle drive?


Cowboys drove the cattle along the 1,000 mile Chisim Trail covering 15 miles in a day so the cattle could maintain their weight.  They wore chaps & jeans to project their legs from the thorny brush they often traveled through.

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Longhorn Adornament Kit

The Texas Longhorn were one of the first cattle to be driven from Texas to New Orleans.  In the 1840's these distinctive Longhorns were moved northward through Missouri.  Missouri Farmers blocked the trail and turned the cowboys and their cattle away because the cattle carried ticks that brought disease to their farmland.  Missouri passed a law forbidding diseased livestock from entering their state.  The cowboys then began driving their cattle up through Kansas where they met a similar fate.


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Western Star Adornament Kit

Texas is named the Lone Star State.  It has a single star on it's flag.  This 3-D looking star has become a symbol of the West but only recently became the official nickname of Texas in 2015.  While the official star of the Texas flag is white, stars colored red, white & blue or rusty metal are found on ranches and barns throughout the West.  


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Red Hot Chili Pepper Adornament Kit

From Texas to New Mexico and often in Oklahoma you'll find food prepared with the Red Hot Chili Pepper.  It's a staple of Western and Southwestern cuisine.


Some peppers are so hot they will make you break out in a sweat.  But don't drink water - that only makes it worse!


You will find these chili peppers used as decorations as well as in your chili.


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Cactus Adornament Kit

As you travel west into Western Oklahoma, West Texas, New Mexico and into Arizona, you'll notice that the scenery begins to change from the lush prairie to more of a desert appearance.  And while you won't see these Saguaro cacti until you reach Arizona, the West is host to many other types of prickly succulents.


Another reason cowboys (and girls) wear cowboy boots!

Watch your step!


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Gecko Adornament Kit


Geckos are lizards that live where it is HOT.  As you travel WEST, you might see the banded or ground gecko living in the hot, dry desert areas.  


Gecko art is very popular in the West and Southwest.  Many are colorful and have a variety of art styles.

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