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3-D Needle Sculptures

All 3-D Needle Sculpting Kits Include:

  • Alpaca Fiber (natural and hand dyed)
  • 36 gauge felting needle
  • 40 gauge star shaped felting needle
  • Sculpting fibers
  • Felting Pad
  • Step by Step instructions



Penelope Penopscot - needle sculpting kit

Did you know that penguins only live in the southern hemisphere?   Most live where it's cold, but not all species. If you want to see a penguin in person, you'll have to visit a zoo.  




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Pepin Pevely - a needle sculpting kit

Did you know that there are 17 species of penguins?  Most species of penguins mate for life.  The males help their mates make the nests and care for the young chicks.  That's one cool dad.



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Snobrrrt - a needle sculpting kit

Did you know that Snowy Owls are great parents feeding they young for about 5 weeks after their young leave the nest?  Young owls can't fly until they are about 50 days old and leave the nest when they are about 25 days old.


The oldest recorded Snowy Owl living in the wild lived to be over 9 years old.  In the zoo, they have lived to be 28 years old.



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Cookie Cutter Art Kits

The Cookie Cutter Kits are so much fun to make.  Use the cookie cutter as a template.  It keeps the felting needles away from your fingers and the fibers contained.  Then add the details with the felting needle.  Color it simple, use our designs as a guide or get creative and design your own.  


All kits include:

  • Cookie cutter
  • Alpaca fiber
  • Felting needle
  • Foam felting pad
  • Felted fabric for backing
  • Instructions
Alligator - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit

Alligators are reptiles and have been living on the earth for millions of years.  You can find the American Alligator in fresh water or slow moving rivers in the southern states.  Alligators can live to be about 50 years old and grow to weigh 1,000 pounds!



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Flamingo Adornament Kit

Did you know that there are 6 species of flamingo in the world?  Most live in tropical areas around the water, but there is one species that lives in the Andes Mountains!  Flamingos live about 20 - 30 years in the wild and can live up to 50 years in capitivy.  They live in groups called colonies that can be over1,000 birds. 


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Gecko - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit.

Did you know that Geckos are lizards?  There are over 1,000 kinds of geckos throughout the world. They range in size from less than 1" to over 14" - some can even change colors like a chameleon.  Some geckos can live to be 30 years old.


Makes 2


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Mountain Bear - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit with a Handle

Mountain Bears are also known as Black Bears.  They are the smallest of the 3 species of bears found in North America.  They are only 1/2 pound when they are born, grow to be 80 pounds when they are 1 year and weigh 150 - 300  pounds as adults.  They live to be about 10 years old, but some have lived to be over 30.


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Penguin Adornament Kit

Did you know that penguins have wings but cannot fly? They are execellent swimmers, swimming 15-25 miles per hour which is impressive because water is 900 times more dense (thicker) than water.


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Penguin adornament kit with a handle

Pengins work hard, fighting preditors, raising their young and just keeping warm in the icy climate.  But did you know that penguins also like to play?  They slide down icy hills on their bell  like a toboggan, they surf on waves and love to dive off cliffs into the cold water.  


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Polar Bear - a Cookie Cutter Art Kit

Polar bears live in the arctic areas where is's snowy and cold.  They have thick fur that keeps them warm.  Did you know that they live in an den that they've carved out of the snow?  That's where the female has her cubs.  


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Other Cookie Cutter Kits Coming Soon

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