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It's where I create my artwork.  Fiber is my speciality, but I enjoy working with with a variety of art mediums including paper, watercolors, acrylics and mixed media.  

Fiber as an Art Medium

Fiber Art is creating textiles or artwork using animal, plant or man-made fibers as the medium. While I specialize in using my alpacas' fiber, I also enjoy all types of fiber as an art medium.


I create textiles, wearable art, 3-D figurines, pictures and home decor. From spinning to weaving, felting to surface design, needlework and art-style quilting, my art is most often inspired by nature.  

From Inspiration to Products, Workshops & Kits

The saying, "One thing leads to another"  certainly applies to my studio and artwork.  Many of my workshop are requests from my customers.  They may want to make certain project or learn a new technique.  I'll do the research, find an easier was to do the traditional method that will ensure a fun and successful day.  


Sometimes it works out perfectly the first time.  Sometimes a problem leads to an experiemental process that turns into an improved method with a really cool outcome.  


Those cool items turn into items for sale, workshops and later kits.  (I'm not into mass production).

Southwestern Felted Pot

For instance, a friend showed me how to create a felted bowl.  Because I love southwestern art, I made a pot rather than the traditional shaped bowl.  


This felting method uses a resist.  (This one isn't for sale, but I can make one for you using this same technique.)




Using this felting method, I designed a felted purse as a request for a felting workshop,

Felted Purse

This purse was designed for the Taos Wool Festival Workshop.  Wanting a design that would compliment the mountains and rocks, I created a marbled design.


The marbeling technique is well suited for beginners and has been taught several times with great success, 


Using my sewing experience I added cute side pleats, grommets and sometimes a covered button.

Gecko - a Cookie Cutter Art Project

When I think of the southwest, I think of desert, mountains, cacti and geckos.  I designed this gecko using a my gecko cookie cutter art kit.  


Then I wondered if the tail would reach from the back of the purse and allow the body to become the closure.

Felted purse with gecko closure

As you can see, it worked out perfectly. I added a leather back to the gecko.   A snap was added to the purse and the gecko.  


And wawla, a new workshop, art kit and finished product was created!

Felted & Stitched pictures

Felted and Stitched pictures.  


I'm always wanting to expand my skills.  My felted and stitched pictures were inspired by working with watercolors.  Once I began adding ink to my watercolored pictures, I wondered if I could acheive the same result with my felted pictures by using my sewing machine and black thread.  


The result, as you can see, is a success.  The black stitching makes the colors pop while adding interest and texture..  




In the Gallery, you'll see photos of past and current projects.  Maybe it will inspire you to create something of your own, or perhaps you see something you would like to own.  I would be happy to commission a piece for you.

Up Coming Events:

Stacy will be teaching 2 felting workshops at the HGA Convergence in July in Reno. Spots are limited.  Sign up NOW   

It's in the Bag! A Felted Purse Workshop - Sunday - 1 Day Workshop




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