Felted Vessels

My pots, pods or vessels are created using the resist felting method.  Felting with a resist means that you are felting around an object.  I use a vinyl circle.  During the process, the vinyl circle (resist) is completely encased by the fiber.  

Using soap and hot water, I begin the felting process.  As the fibers become semi-stable, I cut a small hole and remove the resist.  This becomes the opening for the pot.  At this stage, the pot is still flat and I pull it up (similar to creating pottery) and begin creating the desired shape by directional felting techniques.


I often add embellishments that suit the pod's finished design.  A stiffiner is added because no matter how long I work a pod made with alpaca fiber, larger pods will not hold their shape over time. 

Felted Purses

Felted purses are created in the same manner as the pots and pods shown above.  The resist is a different shape depending on the style of purse.


The handles are hand felted roving which go through grommets.  I use several different closure methods from charming weights, the automatic sliding closure to snaps on embellishments.  So many options!


These purses are small and lightweight, but will carry your essentials for a fun day or night out.


No stiffiner is needed on these purses.  

Up Coming Events:

Stacy will be teaching 2 felting workshops at the HGA Convergence in July in Reno. Spots are limited.  Sign up NOW   

It's in the Bag! A Felted Purse Workshop - Sunday - 1 Day Workshop




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