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Fun Fibers is a design studio specializing in fiber art and design. We use our alpaca's fiber to create fiber art kits and finished products.  Come on in and take a look...


We're redesigning the labels for our kits with Stacy's original art work. Now you can use your own imagination to create your adorable ornaments we call adornaments! 

Fun Fiber Art Kits:


Adornament Color with Fiber Needle Felting Art Kits

What would you call these adorable ornaments that can be displayed all year?  We call them ADORNAMENTS.


Our Adornament kits are so much fun to make.  Cookie cutters make it easy to create the shape.  Colored fiber makes embellishing your adornament easy.  Just "paint" your adornament with the fiber and the felting needle.


 Everything you need is included in the kit.  Create your own  design or become inspired by our original artwork.


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Summer Fun Collection



Having Fun this summer?  There's so much to do.  Make an Adornament to create mementos of your summer activities.  


Check out all of our summer adornament kits.


Find other adornaments .  Search by topic in our Collection Section.


NEW: Value Pack Adornament Kits


We think you'll LOVE making these adornaments so much that you'll want to make more.  So, we've added themed boxed Color with FIber Cookie Cutter Adornament kits .


Available in a group of 5 or 12

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Become inspired - visit our Gallery of Inspiration for coloring ideas and creative uses for your artwork.

Needle Sculpting Fiber Art Kits

Needle Sculpting Fiber Art Kits

Make new soft and cuddly friends with our Needle Sculpting kits.  


These 3-D figurines keep you smiling!  Soft to the touch and just plain adorable, you'll want to make an entire collection.


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How to Purchase Kits



You can purchase our kits on-line


at select retail stores 


at events where we'll be showing


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About the fiber in our kits

Our products use "home-grown" alpaca fiber.  Working with this natural fiber is soothing. It is so soft.  


Alpacas come in about 22 natural colors  Our pastures have a beautiful pallette of natural colors.


Learn more about how our kits are made.

Kits for all ages and skill levels

Making felted fabric is fun for all ages

Making felted fabric is an art medium suitable for young children.  (Older kids and adults love this medium too!)  Layering fiber and adding a splash of dyed fiber creates an impressionistic fabric. Place fiber in a zip bag, add a drop of soap and some warm water and massage the bag until the loose fibers turn into a solid fabric. 


Unlimited possibilities!

"Coloring with fiber is so much fun. You have to try it!"

Our Cookie Cutter - Color with Fiber kits have cookie cutter templates with a handle for younger children and a large variety without a handle suitable for older children and adults.


When you color with fiber, the fiber is your "paint" and the felting needle is your "brush".  You can get as detailed and creative as you want.  You are decorating your fiber "cookie" ornament using your unique creativity.


Ornaments are only one category of needle felting projects.  We have kits to create pictures and figurines too

Needle sculpting figurines is very rewarding

Needle scultping figurines is an art meduim incorporating spacial and coloring techniques.  


Our needle sculpting kits offer true to life and whimsical figurines.  


We also have created kits with a practical use....

Happy Crafting!

What's New?

We are redesigning our kit labels using original artwork!


Our newly redesigned art kits will make their debut at the FIBER U Fiber Festival on July 15 - 16. 

in Lebanon, MO.  


Stop by the White River Alpaca booth and be the 1st to see our new designs!



Coming to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri during the National Fall Crafts Festival.

See us there in September!

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